A-Maze-N Funhouse

walk-through mazes
walk-through mazes
walk-through mazes

You won’t want to miss our latest and greatest attraction   A-Maze-N Funhouse: The Greatest Funhouse on Earth

“With the new A-Maze-N Funhouse ” says EnterTRAINment Junction owner Don Oeters, “We have become a single destination with two unique, world-class attractions under one roof. We have both the world’s largest indoor model train display and the greatest funhouse on Earth.

The new circus midway experience will feature such attractions as the region’s only mirror maze, a discombobulating spinning vortex tunnel, a hilarious tilt room, the astonishing Ames Room, a confusing curtain maze, a claustrophobia hallway, an illusory endless corridor and more.

Upon entering the new funhouse area, visitors are greeted by a large lobby designed like an old-time circus midway, complete with bright colors, flashing lights, sights, sounds and attractions reminiscent of the popular midways from the past. There is even old-style coin-operated Zoltar fortune telling machine and colorful photo spot.

Just ahead are five separate, sideshow circus tents beckoning visitors of all ages inside, each tent offering fun and imaginative attractions designed to create confusion, bewilderment and lots of laughter.

The five sideshow tents are Curtain Chaos, Clown College, Mirror Maze, Crazy Caper and Outer Limits: Journey Through The Black Hole.

The first sideshow tent houses an all-new mammoth Mirror Maze, but not just any mirror maze— it is one of the largest of its kind in North America (2 ½ times larger than the popular mirror maze that originally opened with EnterTRAINment Junction in 2008.) Guests enter a disorienting land of illusion, a visual assault on their senses as they attempt to navigate through an ever-deceiving labyrinth of reflections, unable to determine where one mirror ends and the next begins.

A second tent is home to the crazy Clown College with rooms to confound and confuse. The clowns abandoned the building, but left behind a visual jumble of perception distortions, starting with a hallway with clown photos that react when a guest pushes a button to make a clown’s bow tie spin or squirt water. This just begins a bizarre journey of surprises where visitors seem to grow or shrink merely by walking across a room (called an Ames Room), challenge a tilted room, marvel at a gravity-defying ball that rolls uphill not downhill, and pose in classic funhouse mirrors that oddly distort the viewer’s reflection.

The next attraction is Curtain Chaos, a bewildering maze of twists, turns and dead-ends through hanging curtains that test a visitor’s sanity and sense of direction. This new curtain maze is three times larger than the original curtain maze that opened with EnterTRAINment Junction in 2008.

A fourth attraction is the Outer Limits: Journey Through The Black Hole, which takes visitors on an outer space encounter. Here, visitors are channeled through a wild, spinning vortex tunnel then launched into a black hole with a dizzying array of glowing stars and planets. Visitors must escape by squeezing through a claustrophobia room.

Our fifth and newest attraction opened in March of 2012!  Crazy Caper features a quest to find the Ring Master’s key hidden in his tent.  Booby traps, challenges and various alarms and obstacles throughout provide a laugh inducing, if not futile, challenge to outwit the main man of the circus!