The Big Train Project

#96 April Status Report

April 06, 2015

#96 April Status Report This is the second in a series of articles describing the work the EJ volunteers are doing to prepare for the installation of an interior for first floor of the Middle City’s Grand Hotel. This interior will include a lobby, a main staircase, and a restaurant. Last month’s article addressed the furniture that would be used. This month, we’ll look at some of the other interior details.

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#95 March Status Report

March 05, 2015

#95 March Status Report The MVGRS team of EJ volunteers recently completed the upgrading of the lighting in the buildings in Middle Period City. As we did this, we noticed that some of these buildings, especially those facing the large locomotive wheels across the aisle from the city, begged to have interior detail added to their ground floors. The most notable of these buildings was the “Grand Hotel”...

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#94 February Status Report

February 03, 2015

#94 February Status Report Like last month, this month’s report will be a look back at the history of one of the scenes on the EnterTRAINment Junction (EJ) layout, showing how it has evolved over the years. The choice this month is the “Modern Yard,” the last scene a visitor comes to before exiting the layout. This too was initially designed and planned by the Miami Valley Garden Railway Society’s “Big Train Project” team of volunteers.

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#93 January Status Report

January 14, 2015

#93 January Status Report This month’s report will be a bit different from previous reports. It will be a look back at the history of just one of the scenes on the EJ layout, showing how it has evolved over the years. The choice of a scene for this first such report was easy: the Middle Period’s Engine Servicing Facility.

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#92 December Status Report

December 03, 2014

#92 December Status Report This month’s report will look again at changes and additions that have been made to the EJ layout. As usual they will be described in the order in which you would see them as you proceed along the aisle through the layout.The first new addition is a garden adjacent to the inn by the Union Army depot in the Early Period (Figure 1). It includes sunflowers, tomato plants, and other vegetables, with the produce likely destined for the dining table at the inn.

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