The Big Train Project

#92 December Status Report

December 03, 2014

#92 December Status Report This month’s report will look again at changes and additions that have been made to the EJ layout. As usual they will be described in the order in which you would see them as you proceed along the aisle through the layout.The first new addition is a garden adjacent to the inn by the Union Army depot in the Early Period (Figure 1). It includes sunflowers, tomato plants, and other vegetables, with the produce likely destined for the dining table at the inn.

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#91 October Status Report

October 13, 2014

#91 October Status Report This month’s report will again be in two parts: the first is a quick update on the foundry which was the subject of last month’s report; the second is a report on the completion of the lighting upgrade of the major Middle City buildings.The Hamilton Foundry has found its rightful place on the EJ layout across the tracks from the Middle City Power House.This is just to the left as visitors enter the Middle Period through the tunnel from the Early Period. Fortunately there was sufficient real estate available to allow the foundry to be placed very close to the aisle

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#90 September Status Report

September 10, 2014

#90 September Status Report This month I’ll cover two subjects: a follow up of last month’s report, showing you the mobile homes now in their assigned locations on the EnterTRAINment Junction layout; and another preview of some more superb modeling, which will soon grace the layout in the Middle City.

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#89 August Status Report

August 13, 2014

#89 August Status Report This month I’ll give you another preview of coming “attractions,” models which are finished but haven’t yet been placed on the layout. They are three new models of mobile homes. As before this gives us the opportunity to see and appreciate some of the exquisite detail which may be hard to see once these models are out on the EnterTRAINment Junction layout.

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#88 July Status Report

July 13, 2014

#88 July Status Report This month we’ll again look at what’s new on the EnterTRAINment Junction Layout. As usual the order of the items shown will be in the approximate order in which you’d see them as you progress along the aisle through the layout. Up on the mezzanine, above the railroad museum theater, is a model of the Bates Mansion and the nearby Bates Motel. The motel has been recently upgraded.

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