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party and groups at Entertrainment Junction
party and groups at Entertrainment Junction
party and groups at Entertrainment Junction

One of the missions of EnterTRAINment Junction is to educate and entertain people on the importance of the railroads throughout history, that’s why the Junction was designed with school groups in mind. It’s the perfect venue for learning in a fun environment!

TRAIN JOURNEY  is a great way for people to travel through three distinct time eras in U.S. history. The journey is captured in a 25,000 square foot model railroad display. Railroads had an incredible effect on the world in every way from transportation and engineering through industry and economics. It begins in the 1860’s with the earliest days of steam engine railroading. Different pieces of American history such as mining, logging, family farming and much of the Civil War are represented. The next time period you enter into is the Middle Period. Mainly focusing on the 1940’s and 1950’s, this time period takes you back to the days of street cars, trolley’s, the transition from steam trains to diesel trains and interurban lines. The final step through the journey is the Modern Period. Representing the 1970’s to the present, the Modern period focuses on subways, advanced locomotives and more modern forms of transportation.  Our G-scale train layout is the largest interactive indoor layout in the world and features over two miles of track, 90 locomotives and over 1500 cars.  Train tracks surround the visitor at heights of 2’ to 11’.  Carefully hand-crafted cities, towns, working saw mills, factories, forests, bridges, mountains, valleys, plateaus, trestles, tunnels, trolley cars, subway trains and a state-of the-art sound and light display adds a dimension of wonder to the entire experience.  While traveling through the layout you are able to visualize and appreciate the 70,000 hours of hard work and labor that volunteers have put into crafting and perfecting the Train Journey.

The American Railroading Museum is an imaginative, interactive display and theater that depicts the fascinating story of the growth, history and development of the United States. Much of the focus is the large gateway that the railroading industry provided in connecting the United States and modernizing transportation over the years. Throughout the museum you can enjoy facts, pictures and replica of history while enhancing your knowledge of early transportation and appreciating how advanced technology is today. Actual train equipment and implements are displayed and railroad folklore is revealed with exhibits, interactive trivia kiosks and video theater.

The Great Train Expo houses artifacts and collectibles including Neil Young’s Touring O-Gauge Display, the Volunteer Workshop, a replica of the Mt. Adams Incline and other rotating train exhibits.  Plus visit the Cincinnati Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society library with railroading history books, videos and magazines.

A-Maze-N FunHouse which includes, Curtain Chaos, Clown College, Outer Limits (Journey to the Black Hole), the Mirror Maze and Crazy Caper which will test the senses of children (as well as adults) in a world of dramatic scenic design, sensory elements and theatrical lighting.

EnterTRAINment Junction is the perfect educational venue for all age groups.  Special pricing for groups of 25 and up!

There are also special weeks for Home Schoolers!

For more information, a curriculum packet, or to book your field trip call Katie Schumacher at 513-898-8000 or (Out Of Town) 877-898-4656 extension 203 or contact us  online now.